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Accelerating The Future of Privacy Through SmartData Agents

Source: Forbes Article from November 3, 2018

In an effort to embed privacy at the forefront of artificial intelligence and the use of big data, Dr. George Tomko and Dr. Ann Cavoukian have introduced “SmartData”, an evolution of Privacy by Design.

Last week, Forbes’s regular contributor, Hessie Jones published an exciting article on the latest advances in artificial intelligence with respect to privacy highlighting some of the ethical challenges that privacy and information specialists are facing to date. In the article, Dr. Tomko shared his thoughts on how the current internet environment has been constrained by the misinformation and online propaganda from large digital platforms, who have become digital gatekeepers of the world’s personal data. Based on the co-authored work of Dr. Tomko and Cavoukian, SmartData: Privacy Meets Evolutionary Robotics, SmartData offers to shift control from the organization to the individual.

“SmartData empowers personal data by, in effect, wrapping it in a cloak of intelligence such that it now becomes the individual’s virtual proxy in cyberspace. No longer will personal data be shared or stored in the cloud as merely data, encrypted or otherwise; it will now be stored and shared as a constituent of the binary string specifying the neural weights of the entire SmartData agent. This agent proactively builds-in privacy, security and user preferences, right from the outset, not as an afterthought”

– Dr. George Tomko

Click here to read the full article on how SmartData and Privacy by Design are working to decentralize personal data to restore privacy and protection within the hands of individuals.

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