A Privacy Affair

In Support of Global Privacy
and Security By Design

Thursday, January 25, 2018
Cocktails: 6 p.m. | Dinner: 7 p.m. | Speakers: 8 p.m.

Silent auction beginning at 6 p.m.
Masquerade masks to be provided

Arcadian Loft (Oliver & Bonacini)


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Our society is at a crossroads.

Follow one path, and our real world and digital lives will be tracked, monitored, recorded, stored and analyzed. Privacy as we know it will falter in the face of behavioural profiles, ironically formed to keep us safe from criminals, fraud and terrorists. We are told that we must give up privacy because, unless the state can surveille our every action, we are not safe. This path pursuing total privacy leads toward its antithesis; it presupposes that we can only have privacy or public safety, never both.

Luckily, there is another path. Imagine if we could reframe the debate into a positive-sum discussion, wherein privacy and public safety are not mutually exclusive. Imagine that we have both great security and privacy. Imagine that we develop technology that keeps everyone’s personal information private, secure and under their control as long as they do not plan to, or actually, violate the individual or property rights of others.

With this in mind, we have formed the International Council of Global Privacy and Security to turn these privacy goals into reality. By using innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain and homomorphic encryption, we will demonstrate that that privacy and public safety or privacy and data analytics can co-exist, provide people across the globe with open-source technology that will protection their online privacy and provide society with technologies that can target criminals who would seek to undermine this path.

Together, we can invest in the future of privacy and public safety.
Help us to help you take back control of our freedoms.