New Wave towards Preserving Privacy and Freedom Leading to Decentralization

Source: GPS by Design

This week Dr. Ann Cavoukian shared her thoughts as a guest columnist on the Toronto Sun to reiterate the importance of embedding privacy as well as decentralizing data. Since the resignation from Sidewalk Labs, Dr. Cavoukian has taken the time to review and reflect upon the prevalent issue of increased personal information being housed in central databases with the ability to be controlled by a few dominant players. This, in turn, opens up the possibility of either having the data hacked or used for unintended purposes. To date, well known academic, business and innovative leaders such as Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates […]

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Accelerating The Future of Privacy Through SmartData Agents

Source: Forbes Article from November 3, 2018

In an effort to embed privacy at the forefront of artificial intelligence and the use of big data, Dr. George Tomko and Dr. Ann Cavoukian have introduced “SmartData”, an evolution of Privacy by Design. Last week, Forbes’s regular contributor, Hessie Jones published an exciting article on the latest advances in artificial intelligence with respect to privacy highlighting some of the ethical challenges that privacy and information specialists are facing to date. In the article, Dr. Tomko shared his thoughts on how the current internet environment has been constrained by the misinformation and online propaganda from large digital platforms, who have […]

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