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Embedding Privacy by Design in The Lean Startup



This paper is a well thought out response to those who believe that privacy is a barrier to innovation – the exact opposite is true! It supports what I have been saying for some time now — privacy breeds innovation and prosperity. Incorporating privacy early on in the design and development process, taking a user-centric approach to risk management and integrating privacy throughout the lifecycle of the personal information can provide a competitive advantage to any startup’s agile development process. The paper demonstrates how Privacy by Design and The Lean Startup method can be integrated seamlessly. The value proposition is one that allows a base of trust right out of the gate, which steadily enhances the growth of customers and their loyalty.

Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D., LL.D. (Hon.), M.S.M.

Executive Director,

Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre

Embedding PbD in Lean Startup - June 2020 (1)
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