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Your personal information and data are being used to create personalized experiences by the companies that collect it. Unfortunately, many governments aren’t implementing the technologies necessary to protect your personal information, which compromises your privacy and security.

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July 2017

Equifax experienced a data breach that affected 145.5 million customers across North America. Personal data obtained included names, addresses, Social Insurance Numbers and in some cases, credit card numbers.

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August 2013

Yahoo experienced a massive data breach, affecting three billion accounts. Names, email addresses, passwords and birthdates were compromised. In 2016, they experienced another breach with 500 million accounts affected.

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September 2017

WeChat, a social networking platform with close to one billion active users, confirmed that it shares its members' personal information directly with the government of China.

Our Solution

We offer an alternative future. One where we have both great security and privacy. Where we provide people across the globe with open-source technology that will protect their online privacy and to provide society with technologies that can target criminals and terrorists within the constraints imposed by the rule of law.

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We will educate politicians, businesses, government, media and the public.

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We will create policy templates that show how privacy can be applied to technologies.

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Foster Growth

We will fund the development of technologies that incorporate privacy as the default.

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