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International council on global privacy and security, by design

Source: GPS by Design

Since its publication in the Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Dr. Ann Cavoukian’s article, International council on global privacy and security, by design has continued to leave a mark within the research community. Several researchers from a wide range of disciplines have expressed a keen interest in Dr. Cavoukian’s paper. As a result, we are sharing the full PDF version of the article with the online community to disseminate the article.

Article Title: International council on global privacy and security, by design

Abstract: The conceptualization of a zero-sum paradigm of privacy versus public safety continues to threaten meaningful design practices of embedding privacy to promote and strengthen public safety. In order for privacy and public safety to coexist, we must develop a positive-sum or a win/win model where relevant systems are designed with both objectives in mind. As such, Dr. Cavoukian’s Privacy by Design model was established to create greater efficacy for both privacy and public safety. To further spread the message, experts have joined forces through the newly created International Council on Global Privacy and Security, by Design (GPS by Design). GPS by Design’s mission is to dispel the commonly held view that one must choose between privacy and public safety. In order to systematically break down this myth, GPS by Design offers a threefold goal. Click on the link below to read details about the goals and how GPS by Design is working to promote the integration of privacy and public safety.

Link to full article: international-council-on-global-privacy

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